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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona?
You need to be over 18 and show your original document (passport or EU document) plus one invite from an inside member per law, after that you will pay the membership fee that is valid for one year and then you should be able to access. Oh, and you need to acknowledge that you are an active smoker (you cannot smoke marijuana for the first time in a Barcelona coffee shop). Some few clubs require the age of 21+ but if you are 18 just specify that in the form.
If I receive a QR invite, will that be valid for my friends?
Yes, they need to be above 18 as well and be active smokers. Remember that every new member pays the fee independently.
How much is the cost of a membership? and how much will I pay for the weed?
The membership cost varies between 20 and 50 per person and it is valid for one year, the prices of weed cannot be declared in public as no club sell weed, we simply provide you weed according to the quantity that you smoke per month and the price that you pay for each gram is according to the quality and time that the club spend on planting it for you.
Can I carry out the weed with me?
You can carry by law up to 90 grams for a month consumption in Spain as long as it is in a opaque bag and you are not far from your living place, but careful as you can still suffer fines depending on the circumstances that the weed is found with you. We do not recommend that you carry more than 10g and make sure you consume all weed in the club as it is not permitted to leave the associations carrying weed (even knowing that associations cannot control that strictly).
How does the cannabis associations (clubs) works?
By law the associations are not a profitable place and do not sell marijuana. What happens is that you become a member and specify how much weed you smoke per week/month, later the association will either plant or buy it from third parties the exact amount necessary to supply its members, therefore they are allowed to label a price on each marijuana strain according to the logistic, time, work spent on planting or acquiring the plant for you. So, in few words: you become a member, you acquire some marijuana by paying it per gram and then you are allowed to smoke within the club premises.
How many clubs are there in Barcelona?
We are not sure about the total number, but it can be around 250 or more, remember that each club have their own acceptance for age always starting from the minimum required per law (18).
Can I lose my membership?
Yes, make sure you stick to the club rules and do not disrespect people inside the club as it can lead into the cancellation of your membership.
The cannabis revolution has taken the world by storm.

Just a few years ago it would have been a dream to see the amount of space that marijuana has gained. There are spots in the world where it is now fully legal to carry and consume for recreational purposes like in coffee shops or private associations.

That is great advancement, but it is not the case everywhere. This fact makes things a bit more complicated than you may think. Whenever dealing with cannabis internationally you must be mindful of its legal status from the place you are visiting, of course.

There are parts of the world that will still actively search for any amount and lock you in a jail.

What is a Cannabis Social Club in?
And how to Join?

Now Speaking of the main town in Catalunya, there is a very opened way to interpret how the law works for each cannabis social club that Barcelona offers for people.  

In this article we will try to explain the best way possible how the law conducts the best behavior from the population and its cannabis clubs at Barcelona, also which  things you must not do, so you don’t get a fine or even arrested due to the wrong behavior (buying from illegal dealers in the street) and also how to join an invitation at cannabis club. 

In fact every weed shop follow a strict line in Barcelona order to sell or offer its own products for each member and they also have an opening to promote activities and merchandise products when there is not enough capability to maintain a good stock, everything has to be declared and a good control of each member has to be kept for any surprise check that agents from the government may do during a certain period determined by the local “ayuntamiento”  or town hall. 

Remember to take some precautions when searching for a cannabis club in Barcelona, below you will discover more about them. 

Weed Club Barcelona Rules

It is illegal to carry or consume weed in public spaces. There have been recent changes to the law, but this is still the case now.  

It is not bad news, though. It is legal to consume it for recreational purposes. But only as personal use within private property. That means that you could consume weed at a private establishment, such as cannabis club in Barcelona, this fact has helped these shops to thrive, which is great for the consumers.  

Of course, whenever there is a lot of activity in each field you will get a lot of different options.  

Let’s go over a few of the details of this scene and see if we can provide you with good information about it. 

So, beginning with the behavior of each cannabis club in Barcelona offers to the people either visiting for a medium- or long-term period we might consider that each association is legally obliged to:

  • Only allow people that are active smokers to join their association.
  • Never expose their products with the purpose of advocacy or inducting people to become active smokers.
  • Control only 18- or 21-years old members and register their document in the first visit, also having them sign a term of internal only use and sharing of weed.
  • The cannabis club in Barcelona will have to instruct every member that it is not allowed to leave the association with any of the products obtained inside (even knowing it is very difficult for each association to have a strict control on that)
  • The use of Marijuana must be purely recreational or a medical prescript from a recognized doctor showing his/her ID.

This is part of the conditions applied by law to each Cannabis social club Barcelona offers for people.

You can read the whole article by clicking here.

This document from one side will give most cannabis club in Barcelona the best behavior possible agreed by the Catalunya gather of associations.

Also, you must keep in mind that from the other side, a member of the internal circle of each weed club Barcelona based must meet the requirements that the town hall implies for each active smoker that you can see below:

  • Only consume weed inside the association or in your apartment, never consume this substance in a hotel or in the streets as it is strictly prohibited and may give you important fines.
  • Never expose the products in a public area and most important where there are young or children around.
  • Attend the normative of each association.
  • Provide all documents required for every cannabis club in Barcelona.
  • Maintain a good conduct in general within the association, not being harmful or offensive to other people.
  • On any conditions buy any substance for third parties or friends, all you buy is personal and cannot be shared with nonmembers or outside each association.

Keep in mind that any step outside the above mentioned and also to be more specific and read the whole conditions (click here) may lead to important fines and that you lose the right to become member of any cannabis club in Barcelona.

How the cannabis club scene works in Barcelona

You are sure to find these places if you look for it. There are plenty of them. The thing is that not all of them will be opening their doors to you. All cannabis club in Barcelona ask you for membership and ID. Many of them have not accepted new members for a while now. There are always a few that take in new people probably have no problem adding you to their ranks. You will have to search for them, though.

How to get access

Some of the cannabis club in Barcelona have an online presence. You will find them in Facebook or their own page if you do some digging. That is often not enough to guarantee entrance.

Since this activity is illegal for underaged people you will have to produce an ID that verifies that you are above eighteen years of age. They must do this confirmation face to face. What will often happen is that you will not get much out of digital interaction from them.

They will just politely ask that you show up with ID at their premises. Do not show up unannounced though, you should schedule a date and time for your visit. Also, anyone that comes with you should be a registered member to have access, so they will need to go through the same process.

Where to buy legal weed in Barcelona

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