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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona?
You need to be over 18 and show your original document (passport or EU document) plus one invite from an inside member per law, after that you will pay the membership fee that is valid for one year and then you should be able to access. Oh, and you need to acknowledge that you are an active smoker (you cannot smoke marijuana for the first time in a Barcelona coffee shop). Some few clubs require the age of 21+ but if you are 18 just specify that in the form.
If I receive a QR invite, will that be valid for my friends?
Yes, they need to be above 18 as well and be active smokers. Remember that every new member pays the fee independently.
How much is the cost of a membership? and how much will I pay for the weed?
The membership cost varies between 20 and 50 per person and it is valid for one year, the prices of weed cannot be declared in public as no club sell weed, we simply provide you weed according to the quantity that you smoke per month and the price that you pay for each gram is according to the quality and time that the club spend on planting it for you.
Can I carry out the weed with me?
You can carry by law up to 90 grams for a month consumption in Spain as long as it is in a opaque bag and you are not far from your living place, but careful as you can still suffer fines depending on the circumstances that the weed is found with you. We do not recommend that you carry more than 10g and make sure you consume all weed in the club as it is not permitted to leave the associations carrying weed (even knowing that associations cannot control that strictly).
How does the cannabis associations (clubs) works?
By law the associations are not a profitable place and do not sell marijuana. What happens is that you become a member and specify how much weed you smoke per week/month, later the association will either plant or buy it from third parties the exact amount necessary to supply its members, therefore they are allowed to label a price on each marijuana strain according to the logistic, time, work spent on planting or acquiring the plant for you. So, in few words: you become a member, you acquire some marijuana by paying it per gram and then you are allowed to smoke within the club premises.
How many clubs are there in Barcelona?
We are not sure about the total number, but it can be around 250 or more, remember that each club have their own acceptance for age always starting from the minimum required per law (18).
Can I lose my membership?
Yes, make sure you stick to the club rules and do not disrespect people inside the club as it can lead into the cancellation of your membership.

1est Cannabis Club in Barcelona Tourism 2021

As a cosmopolitan and one of the world’s most attractive places at its best. It attracts both leisure and business tourism from all over the world, located on the Mediterranean coast Barcelona is an important economic, cultural and commercial hub of Spain. The city has a great love for art and its visitors, in the way that they build great plans each year for the tourists and their locals, specially in 2020. The town offers vast and sandy beaches, sizzling restaurants and traditional cuisines. One of the exciting features of the city is the development of weed culture and of course the cannabis associations they have in the. Weed clubs are an alternative for nights out in Catalonia. Under Spanish law, it is perfectly legal. You can visit weed cafes during the holidays. You can join the Best cannabis clubs in Barcelona for tourism 2020 by following the steps in this article.

With cannabis tourism currently under covered many associations try to avoid this kind of practice while other are opened for tourist membership registration, which is not fully regulated, below we will give you some details about weed and the best coffeeshops in Barcelona.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug extracted from the cannabis plant. It is used for medical and recreational purposes some people smoke, vaporizes or eat it in the form of an edible. It has great mental and physical effects. It creates a high feeling, hyperactive mood and significant increase in appetite, sometimes I can also be used for spiritual purposes as the effects include relaxation of muscles, great awareness of sensations, and increased libido. For sure you will able to find them in Best cannabis clubs in Barcelona for tourism 2020.


Cannabis associations in the Catalan capital

A model of regulation for the cannabis market is the cannabis associations they are organized in a non-profit making organization where cannabis is cultivated and used for relaxation or social communion, which is taking place in Catalonia. The number of associations in the city has reached up to 200. These associations are non-commercial organization. What some people consider to be the Best cannabis clubs in Barcelona tourism 2021 include the following attributes:

  • Best quality common strains with good price
  • Cali weed
  • Edibles low in THC with different flavors
  • Great location either next to the center or close to an accessible area

From the ones that are dispersed in the city, you will be able to find some great choices if you manage to search in time.

Cannabis best coffee shops membership

You must request a member to join the best cannabis club in Barcelona for extracts in as these places are different from other coffee shops in the world, they are private. It is not that easy to join as you need to fill an application form with any current member of the associations or with a special invite.
Later there a registration fee that varies from 20 to 50 Euros depending on the place and valid for one year and after that you should be able to enjoy the world’s best cannabis.
One of the great positive aspects of these associations are the respect as these places are extremely professional and keep their associates in a great environment that recognizes all kinds of ethnic, ideology, belief and some of the best coffeeshops in Barcelona provide rich facilities for their visitors.

Cannabis clubs for tourists in town

The Catalan capital has captured the eyes of many tourists worldwide to come and experience best cannabis social club in Barcelona since the laws are quite simple. Smoking and possessing marijuana are tolerated by law within the premises of the associations and as a foreign national one must not commit any illegal activity, or disrespect anyone inside these places.
It is an illegal practice for an association to promote their location on the streets and If you see a case like that, it means that the place does not respect the law and honesty, so, they will not care about the quality and their customers, as a foreigner one may avoid a place that conduct such nasty practices.
As a member of an association you need to find out the best cannabis club in Barcelona for extracts of weed by checking their products page or insta.

Advantages to join a Cofee Shop in BCN

In the Catalan capital, the sale of cannabis product is allowed by best coffeeshops in Barcelona, these cafés serve drinks and food, but they cannot sell any kind of alcoholic drinks inside or do any advertising. For best cannabis club in Barcelona for extracts, another important detail is that people under the age of 18 cannot join these places and for the ones that are above age they cannot buy more than the quantity of 5 grams. In coffee shops, pure or mixed (with tobacco) cannabis joints can be smoked.

Cannabis best coffee shops membership

The best cannabis social club in Barcelona is difficult to be defined as you have many great places with many different options. Just seek places where they really commit to the respect and protection of their member, also a good strain is a detail to consider and remember that you have the right to only consume cannabis on the premises of the association or in your house (as long as your neighbors do not complain). One of the great advantages is that by consuming cannabis in the regulated places is there will be no people annoying you by the smell and keep in mind that all The best cannabis clubs in Barcelona for tourism 2020 are responsible for their members.

Where to buy legal weed in Barcelona

In a few words, no, weed is not legal in Spain and this is a very important detail to consider if you are visiting any city and buying weed from an association, so pretty much you need to make sure that you understand the law before making this trip, below…

Cannabis Clubs Quick Overview and Membership

Over the past years in the EU countries such as Holland, Spain and in the Americas such as United States, Canada and Uruguay a multitude of cannabis dispensaries and even cannabis associations have adopted dispensaries or…

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